About us

Innovation Legal was founded in 2020 by Advocates HB Marais SC, Shawn Meyer and Charleen de la Hunt. Between them they have 69 years of experience in advocacy, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Recognising that a rapidly changing society demands a transformation of the legal industry in its current form; and rather than limiting the rendering of advocacy services by continuing to practice within the confines of the Society of Advocates, they set out to establish an independent legal entity capable of offering legal services of significant breadth and depth.

The result is Innovation Legal, a collection of advocates and legal experts, including senior counsel, past acting judges, legal academic scholars and specialists in every major area of the law.

Due to its interdisciplinary expertise and inventive approach, Innovation Legal is able to streamline the process of consultancy, thereby contributing to the saving of time and money by its clients.

At Innovation Legal we are committed to provide legal services that are diverse, accessible and of exceptional quality.