How to instruct your actuary and read your actuarial calculation – The most important consideration when instructing your actuary is not to simply forward the industrial psychologists report but to give due consideration to the past and future loss of income you want to claim for on behalf of your client.
The most important first step is getting the remuneration correct. A self employed individual would need to provide you with bank statements, tax returns and any info on additional part time income they might earn, last mentioned is very important as this is the first income that goes out the window when plaintiffs are injured. As per self employed individuals see my previous post for some advice in this regard
Make sure that you have a list of all benefits that a plaintiff receives from the company if this is not in his employment contract or reflected on his payslip, e.g. a paid lunch, transport or any daily cash allowance. Domestic workers and gardeners are a good example of this. Taxi drivers are a tricky one, make sure you contact the taxi association to determine the name and number of the owner of the taxi so as to enable you to confirm income and terms and conditions as taxi drivers actually pay the owner of the taxi and keep the rest for themselves, as such their income may fluctuate and not be in line with Patterson levels.