Our in-depth knowledge of the legal system has prepared for every eventuality. This, and our spirit of entrepreneurship has helped us to make bold moves in the legal fraternity, setting us up as the challenger to how things have always been done. We have pioneered the way forward for advocates by disrupting the establishment and adding value for our clients: attorneys, small businesses and corporates alike.

We like to think that our preparation has even brought you here.

The next move is yours.


We are a team of highly accomplished, innovative and specialised advocates, passionately driven to deliver exceptional value in advocacy and legal advice.

We represent attorneys, businesses, corporates, as well as individuals seeking legal guidance in all types of litigation (instructed by attorneys), mediation and arbitration.

We operate across South Africa, offering end-to-end services covering a range of sectors and practice specialities, including litigation, alternative dispute resolution and training.

Innovation Legal is the umbrella organisation for:

In the news

Actuarial calculations

How to instruct your actuary and read your actuarial calculation - The most important consideration when instructing your actuary is not to simply forward the industrial psychologists report but to give due consideration to the past and future loss of income you want to claim for on behalf of your client.

Capacity v Productivity – An application to proceed to trial in personal injury matters?

I came across a matter from Australia, Victoria whilst doing capacity research and found it interesting to note that in terms of the Australian Accident Compensation Act a plaintiff shall not claim compensation for personal injury for pain and suffering and/or loss of earning capacity if the injury is not "very considerable" It further needs to be permanent and likely to persists in the foreseeable future and will last and not mend or repair or at least not to any significant extent.

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